Versatility Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my dog?  
There are two ways to enroll your collie.  First, you can enroll your dog when you apply to the Registry. Second, if your dog is already in our Registry you can fill out the online enrollment form on the website. There is a one-time $15.00 fee to enroll your dog into the program to help cover initial costs.

How do I get a Title on my dog?  
For a basic R-I (Representative-One) title, you need to earn a total of five points in three different Versatility categories, as detailed in the Handbook. Once your documentation of your dog’s point-earning activities has been submitted via the email on the site and approved, a ribbon and title certificate will be awarded and mailed to your dog.  Further titles require more points to be earned, and points across all categories must be earned for the more advanced Ambassador titles. Please refer to the Handbook for details.

How can I earn points?  
Points can be earned by submitting documentation of completed classes and accomplishments in any of the qualified categories through other venues such as (but not limited to) AKC, NADAC, AKC, ASCA or NHDA Herding, Paw Print Genetics, Performance Clubs, and video submissions.

Can I get points in Confirmation?  
No, because SCPS has its own breed standards that vary from other registries. At this time we do not accept confirmation points from any venue.
The other day, I was walking my Scottish Collie and someone stopped me to ask what kind of dog she was.  I told him all about our club and how Scottish Collies are unique. Can we get an Education point?

We only accept activities for points that are organized so that you can provide documentation.  In other words, you must have the plan and intent beforehand to attend an event, seminar, training class, or similar with your dog, as either a demo dog for the skill being taught (and it should be a skill covered in one of our Versatility Categories), or as a representative of the SCPS.  You must also be able to provide documentation of your attendance at said event in an official capacity. By adhering to these requirements, we will be able to have a fair baseline for everyone to earn points in a consistent fashion.