A brief selection of our Scottish Collies.
Please click on the photos for more information and go our database to see all of our registered dogs.  

Gallery of our Amazing Scottish Collies



Strathyre’s Alexis

Strathyre’s Ainslie

Strathyre’s Titus-Angus

Lady Margaret Licksalot

Mountain Wave McAfee

Six Pense Farm’s Willow of Windspun

4J Acres Oliver

4J Acres Laddie

Heart O’Rose Tristan of Urquhart

Six Pense Farm’s New Tikvah

Canny Gaun’s Jockomo Fi Na Ne

Heritage Captain Jack

Mountain Wave Newt of Windspun

Windspun’s Nessa

Gracehaven’s Dori at Strathyre

Astromelia’s Fly with Butterfly

Six Pense Farm’s Hamish

Six Pense Farm’s Lord Peter

Six-Pense Farm’s Mackie

Six-Pense Farm’s Carmen

Six Pense Farm’s Lindsay

Six Pense Farm’s Jenny

Six Pense Farm’s Kaelyn

Six Pense Farm’s Lassie

Six Pense Farm’s Macauley

Canny Gaun’s Galaxy

Lassie from Canny

Cany Gaun’s SevenSeven & Magpie

R-N-D Ace of Spades

Artemis’s Fiery Jokester

Strathrye’s Andew

Misha Silver Lining

Newman’s Never Had Anything Like Me

Miles’ Masterpiece In Cobalt

Ryman’s Shadow Hill Hunter

Miles of Honey Tree Jurassic Park

Newman’s Over the Hedge Hammy

Planet K9’s Diamond

Elisheva’s Lil’s Cuties

Amber Bear’s She’s All That

R-Star All Father Odin has Tru-Vu

Planet K-9’s Turbo

Newman’s Rhapsody Writer of Lyric

Allie Sunny Spring

Mile’s A Touch of Prarie Wheat

Newman’s Lambert The Blue Lioness

Newman’s Nyx of the Night

Newman’s High Voltage Tesla

Planet K-9 Emerald Emma

Ohana Heart of a Lion

Pebblecreek’s Etched In Stone

She’s A Hohl-in-One at Kalamink

Newman’s Gather Me a Bounty

Newman’s Dance in the Rain

Hemstreet’s Martha

Voneida’s Laddie to Storybook

Honey Boo Bear

Carabella’s Sheppie-Boy

Carabella’s Buckshot

Carabella’s Lady-bell

Westford Winds Thane

Flame’s Blessed Star

Twidle-de-Tad from Sixpense

Windspun’s Levi Bob at Kalamink

Six Pense-Lehman’s Scottish Whiskey

Comanche of Shadowland

Strathyre’s Faye of Nelson Home

Planet k9 Emeralds Nala

Orionsview Tully

Mountain Wave Eli “Fitz”

Widdershins Zephyr

RT Rocket

Hycottage Farms Willow

Marushka Farms Elspeth

Marushka Farms Aisla-Agnes

Marushka Farms Jamieson

Kelly Gray’s Regis Pooh Bear

K9 Planet Pearl

Spirit of Shawnee Dreams

Lost Acres Prince Charlemagne Tru-Vu

Kiss me Blue vom Haus Vogelsang

Grant’s Jenn’s Way Kismet

Rheign’s Avenging Angel

Temperance Rheign of Terror

Daenerrys Rheign of Dragons

Macarius Rheign of Sanctity

Twas The Cat’s Meow “Hobbes

Planet K9 King Blu of Windy Acres

Strathyre’s Unalii-Balfour

Carabella’s Burdock

Look at Me Vom HausVogelsang

Marushka Farm’s Ailsa-Anges at Stone Rose

Wind Whispers Keeper of the Key

PDC Jubilant Junebug

Newman’s You Are My Sunshine

Strathyre’s Aiden-Brendan

Hidden Cove Banner over Windmark

Red Canyon’s Micah

Ruby Sue Maberry

Walker Maberry of Red Canyon

Lakeside Collies Jo Dutchess

Lakeside Collies JoDuke

Red Canyon’s Sage

Red Canyon’s Nova

King Joseph Laddie Prince

Windspun’s Miss Crabtree Annie

McNeil’s Merida the Brave

Vogelsang’s Kalina

Sj’s License to Steele

Rambling Roses Prince Sweet William

Walnut Ridge Put A Spin on It

Rattler Dancer

Sella’s Flora

Sella’s Newton

Hakuna Matata Vom Haus Vogelsang

Carabella’s One In A Million

Christmas Callie

Strathyre’s Aidan-Brendan

Carabella’s Reishi

Princess Buena

Obi-Wan Cannoli


Luke Skywalker

Pioneer’s Seth

Pioneer’s That’s A Game Changer

Pioneer’s Prince Aeros

Butter Scotch Farm O’Henry

Voneida’s Laddie of Storybook

Redsky’s River

RedSky’s Hailey

Pioneer’s Viggo the Viking

Pioneer’s Belle Star

Windspuns’s Cillian

Lady of Windy Acres

Jazmyn Kisses Paradise

Planet K9 Kind of a Big Deal

Blue Haven’s Wolverine

Sassy Sioux

Cielito Lindo’s Mr. Sandman

Freya Harper Topaz of Drock Planet K9

Buffalo Creek Guiness

Our North Star

Hycottage Farm’s Lincoln “Watson”

Widdershins Arnica “Silvy”

knight Tess








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