American Stock Dog Registry
We are excited to announce the Scottish Collie has been approved as an official breed with the American Stock Dog Registry. Effective January 2021, Scottish Collies can be double registered with the American Stock Dog Registry and be added to their breeders pages as well as compete in many of the dogs shows hosted throughout the USA and occasionally Canada & Europe.

This is a great opportunity for SCPS breeders to promote their collies and announce upcoming litters to the thousands of followers who are involved with the ASDR.

Their shows include training seminars, confirmation, agility, scentwork, herding, rally and obedience. Scottish Collies who participate in these events also will also be eligible for SCPS versatility awards.

We are excited to be approved as a recognized breed with their registry and hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities this partnership will provide. Your collie must be registered with SCPS to participate.

If you would like to learn more about ASDR, please check out their website.

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