Finding a Puppy

The Puppy Search
Welcome to our puppy page. If you are looking for the old fashion type collie you remember on the family farm years ago, then your search has ended. Our breeders are not just breeders but are part of a preservation effort to bring back the classic collie we rarely see anymore and are committed to selectively breeding to produce healthy puppies who meet our strict standards for health, structure and temperament/working ability. At SCPS we require genetic testing for CEA, MDR1, Gray Collie Syndrome and Degenerative Myelopathy of all breeding collies in our registry. Our breeders selectively match their collies for genetic diversity and pups are raised in a home/farm environment where they are nurtured and socialized early on.

The Scottish Collie is known for it’s versatility, intelligence,  nurturing nature and of course beauty.  While many breeders may tell you they have Scottish Collies, unless they are registered with us at SCPS, you can not be sure they meet the requirements of the SCPS standards for breed standard, health and working ability of the Scottish Collies.  

Where are the Puppies?

Our puppies are in high demand!  While we have only just begun to breed back to the classic Scottish Collie, we are growing quickly and our pups are becoming a popular choice for those who want a Lassie type collie or want a working collie to accommodate their active life styles.  

As with any breed, our breeders are selectively breeding for specific traits in their lines.  Whether you are looking for a working farm collie, therapy dog, agility/sporting dog or loving family pet, we have a breeder who can meet your needs. 

We invite you to become a Member, follow us on Facebook, and be a part of this growing and enthusiastic preservation effort.  Thank you so much for your interest.  

In our Available Puppies page we have a gallery of our currently available pups and future breedings. Please click on the photos and you will be taken to the breeder’s page to learn more about each pup! 

Thank your for supporting SCPS!




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