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Colliewobbles Rescue and Rehoming           Australia, Inc.

Canil Santa Terezinha Kennels

Established in 2014, Colliewobbles is a social, dog walking group open to owners of Rough Collies, Smooth Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs. Based in Victoria, Australia, Colliewobbles has at least one walk a month for owners and dogs to come together for a fun time out. Focusing on a fun and safe environment for the dogs to socialize, Colliewobbles invites anyone who owns one of these beautiful breeds to come down and check it out.

Colliewobbles Rescue and Rehoming AustraliaIncorporated (CRRA)

Officially established in August 2018. We are a small but dedicated team who have come together to help bring homes and loving families to dogs in need.

CRRA is a not-for-profit, breed specific rescue and rehoming group focused on Collie (Rough), Collie (Smooth) and Shetland Sheepdogs. CRRA is run by a dedicated and experienced team of volunteers, focusing on the welfare, health and well-being of the dogs in our care. All donations received by CRRA are used to support the ongoing rescue and rehoming of the dogs that come into our care. CRRA operates within the guidelines of the State 

Government Code of Practice for Community Foster Care Networks and Rescue Groups.  

We also have puppies available through our partnership Kennel – Canil Santa Terezinha, located in Brazil (Ovelheiro Gaucho) Puppies are available for shipping.

Canil Santa Terezinha Kennels,  created the profile of the dog that they wanted to produce right at the beginning of our breeding.
1) Arguably be a sheep dog. Racial stamp is very important to us. It is a matter of identity, a sheep dog must look like a sheep dog.
2) Having aesthetic beauty, in the sense of being pleasing to the eye, passing on that ideal of beauty and elegance that every sheep dog has, but that some have more than others.
3) Be correct, in the sense of not having serious defects. Even if in some aspect or another the copy is not exactly in the template, but that in the whole of the work does not leave anything to be desired.
4) Have functionality, because we never understood that unfounded idea of dogs just for cute. A Sheep dog must be useful.
5) Have good character. Regardless of having a peaceful or explosive temperament, having character is fundamental, whether in people or in dogs, this is essential.
6) Be healthy. Because the rusticity, agility and residence are the breed’s mascot characteristics. So, wasting health does if necessary.

7) Be a good breeder. A large dog must pass its qualities on to the next generations. This may be an unimportant feature for those who only use a dog, but for those who breed it is fundamental. Unfortunately, our sheep dogs are not eternal. It is, therefore, strategic that the progeny of a large dog outweighs, or at least retains its qualities.

Diego Paz, Breeder
Call +55 51 98165-4111 
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